Box Lift Kit for your Roof Top Tent

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Autohome Space Saving Lift Kit

If you're keen on taking your roof top tent off your vehicle (we know that's a bit of a crazy idea), but if you do then this is really a great way to do it.

This will work with your hard shell roof top tent and also with any soft shell style tent.

The kit installs on your carport or garage ceiling. You drop the loops around the tent base, undo the fixing points and wind up.

There are a few ways to do this to make it as easy and as quick as possible. Ivan leaves his tent fixed to the load bars, and simply uncouples the load-bar feet from the roof rails, and the whole thing goes up. That's quicker than undoing the clamps under the tent, for him.

If you have easy access to the clamp bolts, you can just undo those too.

There is also the Front Runner quick release system to consider, as a way to get things on and off quickly.

Made in Germany from good quality components. 

Feel free to give us a ring or send a message if you're wondering what would work well for you.