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These steel tie down rings can be used to attach just about anything to the top, sides or bottom of your Front Runner Rack. Galvanized steel, with a tough, black powder-coat. Sold in pairs.

We've found these highly useful for getting full functionality from a Front Runner Rack. Used with the Front Runner Stratchits (or other tie-down straps with a hook) they make for a much quicker way to get items on and off a rack, compared with looping straps underneath the platform.

These easy to use tie down rings quickly and easily mount to a Front Runner Rack via the t-slots on the top, the bottom, and the side rails of the rack.

No tools required. Just hand tighten.

Slide these around anywhere on the rack for an endless supply of tie down points.

Mount unusual loads securely to a rack for hassle free/rattle free travels where a specific mounting accessory is not available.

Of all the accessories for the Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack this is really THE must-have.

Rack owners will almost certainly have a few of these floating about on the rack and in the kit.