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Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Insect Mesh (replacement)

It's a good sign when a manufacturer is so good at providing small replacement parts, as it means they want the things they make to keep going for a long time. The insect mesh is tough, but it is designed for keeping out insect.. so if your hound puts their paw through one, or the one you have is from 1983 and it's just worn out from lots of use, then we have them here.

There are a few variations - different coloured zips and a couple of sizes, like slightly wider ones to accommodate the wider door on the Maggiolina Grand Tour, etc. So please shoot us a message or give us a ring to check we've got the right one for you - and if we're out of stock we can order them in.

The mesh screens, certainly on the later model tents, simply zip out and zip in, and there is a velcro strip at the top edge to seal everything up. So they are super easy to replace.