Autohome Airtop Black Edition

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Autohome Airtop Black Edition 

The Airtop Black Edition takes the now classic Airtop and adds blackness.. everywhere. Black latches, black trim, black mattress, black pillows, black fabric, black zips, it even comes with a black ladder. It seems a bit much bit it looks rad. More rad than we thought it would. This uses the almost moleskin-like Dralon fabric, truly magical at managing condensation (well actually scientifically proven). And the dark fabric is actually brilliant at blocking light; this may be the worlds best tent for sleeping-in.


What we like

The Airtop is a real pleasure to use, it's almost fun to set up (some people actually find it fun... ok we find it fun). There are some key things which make it great - if you're pretty tall, say over 6ft, the Airtop is nice because unlike the Maggi which has a scissor mechanism at both ends, the Airtop can make use of this space for extra mattress length, so you get a nice long mattress about 2070mm long in the standard length tent. Another good thing is that again, because of the absence of the scissor the Airtop has an extra large door at the back - this is handy if you want to get into the tent at the back of the vehicle - maybe it's going on a canopy for instance, that's accessed from the sides and it's easier having the ladder at the back. The Airtop is also about 10% (6kg) lighter than the Maggi (as there is just less hardware) and it is a little higher inside.

Airtop internal height

The Airtop Range

The Airtop range is broad and comes in a variety of styles and colours. Check out the Airtop 360 that has extra windows, or the Airtop Plus with an extra, large door at the front, or the Airtop co-branded with Mini for their Countryman. We have all of these in stock from time to time and are more than happy to make special orders with the factory in Italy.

Opening the Airtop

Airtop opening is assisted by 4 gas struts made by Suspa in Germany. It's virtually instant and doesn't need any muscle. To close, just pull the top down at each end, using the straps. Windstop locks on the gas struts to prevent compression in very strong wind.

Airtop gas struts

Why Autohome? 

Please jump to our page here about the virtues of this ace company and their tents, manufactured in Italy since 1958, they patented the first roof top tent. If you've seen a roof top tent out there, it's a copy of an Autohome, the grand-parent of the class. autohome warranty 5 years